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This soap dispenser is great it squirts the soap out in a nice stream compared to my last dispenser.

Love it!

Love it.. so far it's been installed a week now no problems works great pressure is awesome. Nice and tall great for washing large pots. its very stylish and sturdy.

Záchodová sprcha

Vypadá skvěle, jen mě mrzí, že neni původně zamýšlena jako bidetová sprcha ale jen wc sprcha na studenou vodu, uvidime zda to pujde nějak vyřešit

Koupelnová baterie

Vypadá skvěle, těšim se jak bude fungovat

Great concept!

There should be automatic volume/ pressure reduction when the head is turned from straight up and down and a note that it doesn’t come with a drain kit

Great overall

Great product. Very happy.

Lefton sink

Got the wrong instructions for installing cup rinser. So had to try to figure out on my own. But it does not drain in the sink like it should so water just sits there. But the rest of the sink was easy to install and works great.

Great innovative faucet!

I love the ability to move the faucet any direction I need to. Flow rate is great and the multifunction sprays work well. I wish the temp readout could be switched to Fahrenheit though. Also wish the the front and back sections or the arm were the same length so that it would
Be symmetrical when placed straight forward. Also wish the included supply lines were 3/8” npt as is the American standard instead or requiring the adapters. Hoses could also be better quality as when tightening they are easy to squish. But overall happy with the faucet!

order delivery was very quick and arrived on time.
unfortunately the package was stolen off my porch. they reached out to me to confirm delivery. when i explained the situation they were extremely helpful even though i explained it was not there fault. they sent a new faucet right away at there own expense. i installed it immediately and love it. excellent quality. five stars

sprchový systém

m, brzy zapojim po rekonstrukci, tak jsem zvědavej jak to bude šlapat :-D

Dřez s držákem nožů

Absolutně krásný provedení dřezu, brzy budu zapojovat tak jsem zvědavej jak parádní to bude

Exceeded My expectations !!

I bought the tap on a whim after seeing a Facebook ad. I was nervous as I’m in Sydney Australia and wasn’t quite sure if it looked too good to be true…but it is!…It was installed yesterday it looks great and the functionality and water pressure is fantastic. Great product and straightforward installation…bonus of temperature indicator which I didn’t realise it had when I bought it.

Overall, very good

Overall, very happy with the faucet. I would prefer temp in fahrenheit, but the color changing icon helps. All metal construction is nice, feels very sturdy. Different spray modes work well. Only suggestions for improvement, when installed with handle to the right have hot water when you push the handle away vs pull towards.

Very pleased with the tap. Grey was darker than I expected but ok. Had to buy 2x12" extensions as the water lines were 2"too short compared to the old tap I replaced.


I love this faucet. It is metal not plastic and is a sleek beautiful design.

Kitchen Faucet

My wife loves the new kitchen Faucet it is awesome and ty he quality of the faucet is outstanding. A+++

Bath sink faucet

This is a very very good product. Easy to install, and comes with everything needed to do a 100% job.

Great quality

I’m a master plumber for 34 years and have seen some serious junk , these faucets are good quality and well built, they work as advertised and have been great change from our existing faucets I’m curious to see how long they last as they do have a lot of moving parts

do not know ye

As we tried to install the faucet, we discovered that we could not attach anything to the sink drain cover. Thus we can not fill our sink with water.

Hi there, the faucet does not come with a drain, you can get a drain on Amazon, the link is here:

great faucet

We installed our new Lefton swivel bathroom faucet this weekend and we love it! East install, very stylish looking, works well. Just what we needed. Only critique- there is NO farenheit on the temp gauge.

So far so good!

We received our sink. However, we are waiting on our contractor to install it, so we really can't review it at the moment. Will update you after installation! Looking forward to my new kitchen!

Great and Beautiful

We recently remodeled two of our bathrooms and installed four Lefton BF2204 rotatable faucets in Gray. The faucets arrived in a very high quality box, they look absolutely beautiful and appear to be well made. When you touch the faucets, the materials they are made from feel absolutely high quality. We particularly like that the faucets can be turned vertically and horizontally at any angle. The fact that the digital temperature display only shows Celsius doesn't bother us at all. For people unfamiliar with the Celsius scale, the display also shows a blue dot for cold water, a green dot for lukewarm water, and a red dot for hot water.
Since we have only been using the faucets for two weeks, we cannot comment on the longevity of the faucets, but we do hope that they will last a long time.

Very sleek

Was excited to open and really pleased with appearance. In the process of renovating bathroom and haven't installed it yet.


The package was received and everything looks great. I want to say big "THANK YOU" to the Lefton staff for their accuracy and politeness! Thank you!
Definitely recommend!

Very nice

Received thefaucet and base in a timely manner. This product was very easy to set up and looks great. Love the way it moves around the sink and has the different spray options . Would definitely buy this again and some of the other options this company has. Happy customer.