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Explore the future of kitchen sinks with Lefton's Waterfall Workstation. Enhance your culinary space with digital temperature display, LED lighting, and multi-functionality. Upgrade to modern living with our stainless steel kitchen sink collection. Unleash functionality and style today. Shop now!

    8 produits
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    Our Lefton Kitchen Sinks are designed to be highly durable, constructed from premium food-class 304 stainless steel with a nano-coating surface. They come with a 5-year accessories free replacement warranty, ensuring longevity even in extreme temperatures.

    To maintain your Lefton Kitchen Sink:

    • Clean regularly with warm soapy water.
    • Rinse after using cleaning products.
    • Wipe with a soft cloth to remove liquid residue.
    • Avoid cutting food directly on the surface.
    • Do not leave sharp objects on the sink for extended periods.

    Avoid abrasive cleaning products, sanding tools, steel wool, or bleaching products.

    Yes, you can replace your kitchen sink without replacing the plumbing. Ensure the new sink's drainage hole dimensions match the existing plumbing. Our Lefton Kitchen Sink, model KS2206, supports a drop-in installation method.

    1. Assess available space.
    2. Think about kitchen tasks.
    3. Reflect on lifestyle.

    Read more details on our how to choose your kitchen sink size article.

    Yes, you can install a new kitchen sink without replacing the countertop. Lefton Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is suggested for drop-in installation, making it compatible with your existing countertop. Ensure proper measurements and compatibility for a seamless upgrade.