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pretty good build quality

I like the build quality of this item, made of metal in places other companies use plastic. The nut to clamp the faucet to the counter top is higher quality than most, easier to tighten due to the screws, not just tightening the nut itself (which is always in a hard to reach spot). One complaint with the distance that item comes out into the sink from the base - I feel it's too shallow, and I'm always working at the edge of the sink, which means more water spilling out.

Works great!

Works good and looks great.

Truly gorgeous!

Impressed with customer service (we've had some questions) and the quality of the sink itself. The faucet does not feel as "sturdy" as it could, but we can live with that. Already getting lots of compliments on how unique and functional the sink is. I do recommend: if installing with new countertop, ensure sink is completely put together--our counter company took the sink (without the faucet) and cut a hole in the quartz accordingly--but then the faucet (which is a "unit") did not fit! Luckily they were able to fix by uninstalling sink and moving it forward. Enjoy the sink! The waterfall is something else! It is lovely!

Great design, high flow rate.

This faucet BF2204 is really cool and has excellent features. It can be positioned in many orientations and displays the water temperature so you know whether you have hot or cold selected. It is a great looking faucet. Installation is pretty simple and it isn't required to have a professional install it. The one concern is the flow rate. It allows for a rate of 1.8 GPM which in today's environment is ridiculously high. please consider a lower flow rate of ~1 GPM as a more acceptable flow rate. Overall we are extremely satisfied.

Very good quality and product.

Good Quality but still some issues

I am happy with the faucet. A couple of issues arose on installation. First of all, I removed another faucet to put in the Lefton. However, the Lefton water lines were 1.24" too short and I had to cut out my valves and extend the valves a couple of inches to get the new faucet in. Also, your directions are horrible - left me with a number of questions.


Sorry to say but I haven’t been home yet to see the faucet as I work away. I did order the Brushed Nickel one as well as soon as it was released. Looking forward to getting that one.

Une douche parfaite!

Une douche parfaite, solide, facile à installer, bons matériaux! Le service est très bon! Merci pour votre professionnalisme!

Great Faucet

This is a very modern faucet. Love the versatility that you can move it around and love the feature you can turn it and use as a drinking fountain. Super glad I ordered this and would recommend it.

Très satisfait

Le robinet fonctionne très bien. Il est facile d’installation et la température de l’eau est une option intéressante. Je croyais à un gadget mais non, c’est utile.

Beautiful sink

I received this last week and am still waiting for it to be installed in my new kitchen. I opened the package to inspect and it looks beautiful.

Good product

I bought the bathroom faucet. Item looks good as advertised and shown on website. However, I couldn't install it since it didn't come with 1 hole plate. When uninstalling my old faucet, I found it had 3 hole plate. So now I am waiting for the plate to arrive. Will update my review after the installation is complete.

As described

Just finishing installation. Easy to do no issues. Looks great. Works well but again just installed it.
Received it in about 2 weeks of ordering.
Will try to update after some use

Rotating faucet

My contractor can’t start the job until sometime in February or maybe even March. It looks beautiful in the box! Once it’s installed, I will definitely send a review.

Great Faucet

I can honestly say I was more than impressed when I got the faucet in the mail and I opened the box and the quality of this was absolutely amazing.
It only took me minutes to hook it up it worked exactly how it was said it was going to work and as soon as it was hooked up, I went back online and ordered a second one for my kitchen because quality like this you don't see all the time.
Thank you so much

My new sink

Absolutely enjoy my new sink!! It is everything they claim it is on the page. I like the 3 settings on the nozzle. Not a typical install, nonetheless my plumbers got it installed. Had it done when I had my new Granite counter tops installed. Thank you!!

Awesome Faucet

The faucet has a unique design, beautiful and elegant. I’m able to move the faucet head just about anywhere in the sink. I was drawn to the fixture because water kept splashing all over our granite countertops. This fixture lets you adjust the faucet so this won’t happen. One of the easiest faucets to install.

Very Good Quality As Advertised!

I bought 3 of these faucets for the restrooms in my home. They were easy to install and function fantastically. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a multi-functional faucet that looks great!

Stylish Faucet

I purchase this beautiful faucet for my Laundry Room. It’s incredibly stylish and work just as good as it looks. I particularly like the color because it matches my washer and dryer. A unique feature that attracted me to this faucet was temperature reading. I only wish it could be changed to Fahrenheit. Overall, I’m satisfied and happy with my purchase.

Easy Install, Great Customer Support

Before I purchased the sink, i reach out to customer service and ask them couple questions. Their customer support is great and they get back to you within 1 day or two. Their response is always to the point and in great details.
When you purchase the sink, it comes with a great packaging and comes with all the installation manuals. Sink can be installed over the counter or under the counter. I decided to install it myself and installed it over the counter.
Overall, I am really happy with the kitchen sink and happy that i purchased from Lefton.

Great looking faucet

This is a great faucet, I love it very much.

Lefton Copper Kitchen Pull-Down Faucet with 3 Water Outlet Modes-KF2202

Amazing product both for practicality and looks. Has made a huge improvement to our kitchen.