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Fast delivery and good quality

The quality of this faucet is better than I thought. It is easily to switch the waterfall mode and faucet mode. Very useful.

Good Product!

The temperature digital display is battery-free and it looks so cool! My neighbors ask me where I bought this faucet and they want it too.


This bathroom is easily to install and the pull-out function is really useful. My wife loves it so much. I would definitely buy more items from this website.

Good Product!

I have wanted this waterfall kitchen faucet for a long time and finally find it on this website. It is single hole so it fits my sink and easily to install. Love it so much.

Fast delivery and good quality

The item is really nice. The changeable water outlet modes are very useful for cleaning. I will buy other items from this brand. Good job LEFTON.

Good Product!

The quality of this faucet is really good. It takes only 5 days for the delivery after I placed order. Recommended.

I'm really happy with the time it took to deliver that sink. I live in Canada and it took 1 week to arrived at my new house. I didn't unpack the sink yet because I'm working far from my home.
The service is really good

Perfect Shower System

The shower system is wonderful, massive and made of quality materials. I had a problem with the height of the shower system, because I am 210 cm tall and in the highest position of the shower head. I could not take a shower because it was too low for me. I emailed Lefton with the problem, they replied lightning fast, and immediately solved the problem by sending me an extension rod that extends the shower system by 30cm and now I have a perfect showering height. That's the kind of attitude that wins customers, thanks again Lefton for all the help. I will gladly recommend Lefton products to family and friends!

Perfect sink

I was impressed with the service and the speed with which the sink was delivered to me. The sink is already installed at my place and I use it with great pleasure. It looks massive and strong, it is made of quality materials. If I need anything I will trust Lefton again

My favorite Faucet

I must say this faucet caught my attention from when I first saw it online. Took about a week to get. But worth the short wait. I love this faucet. It is wonderful. I have a large vessel sink and it work fantastic. Helps me keep the sink clean. It is also great for taking pills. No more small cups needed. Just flip it upwards and drink. What a great concept! My kids are jealous now. I guess I will more than likely get another in the future.

Highly recommended!!!

I find this brand when I was doing the renovation of my kitchen. I am so satisfied with the quality of this beautiful sink. It is really perfect matched with my new kitchen.


The sink is pretty as it has the digital temperature and time display. The faucet and the waterfall can work together. It is very useful.

Fast delivery and good quality

The sink is so amazing. The quality is much better than I expected. My wife loves it so much as well. Good job Lefton. We are considering to purchase more items from this brand.

Virtuves izlietne ar krānu un glāzes mazgātāju

Labdien. Piegāde pārsteidzoši ātra. biju patīkami pārsteigts. preces iepakojums bija nedaudz samīcīts bet pašai precei vis kārtībā. Visu pārbaudiju. Pagaidām izlietni neesmu uzstādijis bet pēc atsauksmēm slikti nevar būt, kad uzstādīšu obligāti uzrakstīšu vel vienu atsauksmi.

Good design

This 4-1 shower system has hand shower, shower head, water flow and sprayer. It is multifunctional than the traditional shower. I love this design so much!!!

Highly recommended!!!

This shower system comes with good quality. It is easy to install with the installation from Lefton. It's really good product.


The shower system is really amazing. There are 5 different outlet modes that are easy to switched. If you turn off the light, you can see the amazing light from this system and it is battery-free!!!

Good Product!

The product is with very good quality. The hand shower and shower head can be switched to different water mode. Nice job LEFTON!

Awesome sink!

This sink is really great and eventhough I live in Europe the delivery was fast and easy.
Only two downsides to the sink which is turning on warm water - here the only option is full power. The other issue is the bottle faucet where the water gathers a little in the back rather than emptying into the sink. For us both issues are minimal as the other features of the sink far outweighs these two points. We're very happy with it and will recommend it to other

La perfection

Le rendu est splendide nous verrons dans la durée j'imagine ma qualité et la résistance .


Très pratique et formidable tant sur la qualité que sur la couleur gris très pratique dans l'entretien courant

Parfait de grande qualité

Superbe robinet absolument magnifique. Il a un franc succès

Love it!

I absolutely love this faucet! Amazing quality! I love how it displays the temperature and I can use it as a water fountain for drinking and washing my face.

Pleasantly surprised

Easy to install and good quality. I'm very happy with the purchase. My wife loves it too. The first time she tried it, she turned it upside down to wash her face and soaked the bathroom instead. We got a good laugh. There's going to be a learning curve, but I like the flexibility of gives us.