Bathroom Faucet 101

Discover all you need to know about bathroom sink faucets in our complete guide. From types and finishes to remodeling ideas, installation, and upkeep, find the ideal faucet to match your style, needs, and budget.

Handle Types Demystified

Center Set Bathroom Faucets

Center set bathroom faucets feature handles and spout mounted on a single base, offering a compact and convenient solution for standard sink installations.

Single Handle Bathroom Faucets

Efficient and sleek, single handle faucets offer convenience and style, simplifying water flow control for kitchens and bathrooms alike.

Spread Fit Bahtroom Faucets

For an elegant style, opt for a spread fit faucet, featuring separate spout and water controls for sophistication.

Bridge Bahtroom Faucets

Bridge faucets blend classic style with modern convenience, requiring only two holes in the countertop for installation.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Faucets

Ideal for floating sinks or innovative bathroom organization, wall-mounted faucets provide a sleek, modern look.

Sprinkle Bathroom Sink Faucets

Opt for a sprinkle sink faucet for a unique rectangular water pattern and innovative design.

Hole Types Explored

One Hole Bathroom Faucet

Efficient and sleek, the one-hole bathroom faucet combines functionality with modern design, enhancing any washroom with its minimalist charm.

Two Hole Bathroom Faucet

Efficient and elegant, a two-hole bathroom faucet combines functionality with sleek design, offering convenience and style in compact spaces.

Three Hole Bathroom Faucet

Efficient and stylish, the three-hole bathroom faucet offers convenient control and elegant design, enhancing any bathroom with its functionality.

Four Hole Bathroom Faucet

A four-hole bathroom faucet offers versatile functionality and elegant design, providing separate controls for hot and cold water streams.

Faucet Mounting Types

Deck Mounts

Deck mounts, the most typical faucet installation, are fastened to the countertop or sink deck, offering stability and easy access.

Wall Mounts

Wall-mounted faucets offer a sleek and modern solution, saving space by installing directly into the wall above the sink.

Choosing the Perfect Finish

Brushed Nickel
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Polished Gold
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The Advantages of Lefton Waterfall Kitchen Sink Faucet

Digital Temperature Display
Automatic Induction
Multiple Outlet Modes
Pull-out Sprayer

Bathroom Inspiration and Design Advice

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