Global Announcement for Brand Protection

At LEFTON, our mission is clear: to lead in the sanitary industry by providing top-notch products in Quality, Aesthetics, and Worthiness. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to innovative and practical solutions for families worldwide, LEFTON stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment. We will not stop beating copycats to respect and strive for originality.

Commitment to Innovation and Brand Protection

Innovation and practicality define LEFTON, evident in our cutting-edge factory. Collaborating with industry experts and using advanced materials, we ensure every LEFTON product embodies sophistication and functionality.

Actions to Protect Our Brand

  • Global Intellectual Property Strategy:We have implemented a global strategy to protect the intellectual property of each original product.
  • Legal Actions: LEFTON will continue to protect our originality through regular marketing checks, copycat reporting, lawsuits, and other legal actions.For the original content that plagiarizes our products' pictures, video, text, and logo, LEFTON will take legal protection measures, including: Product removal, Website reporting, and compensation claims, etc.

These measures aim to safeguard our intellectual property rights and protect our original content. We will firmly defend our interests to ensure a fair and competitive market environment. We believe that copycats can never replicate our innovative spirit and deep understanding of product design and user needs. Our products themselves are a testament to our commitment to originality and quality.



Upgrade your kitchen and bathroom effortlessly: Our designs, from stainless steel kitchen sinks to single-hole bathroom faucets, are rigorously tested and praised on social media for optimal quality. Experience seamless functionality with our thermostatic shower system, toilet bidet sprayer, and kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer.

  • QUALITY: Our products showcase attention to detail from the moment they arrive. Durability and stunning craftsmanship underscore our commitment to quality.
  • AESTHETICS: LEFTON focuses on exclusive, unique designs crafted by our expert team for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • WORTHINESS: Compared to global brands, LEFTON offers an affordable option without compromising craftsmanship, making luxury living accessible.

Thanks to Our Supporters

We are deeply thankful to our users from different countries for speaking up for us. Your support motivates us to keep creating innovative products. Together, we will go further.