Smart Piano Key Design Thermostatic Shower Systems

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Discover the ultimate in shower luxury with Lefton's Smart Thermostatic Shower System. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and comfort in this all-in-one solution. Elevate your daily routine now!

    11 prodotti
    Lefton Thermostatic Shower System with 4 Water Outlet Modes-SS2203
    Lefton Smart Shower System with 4 Water Outlet Modes-SS2203
    Lefton Thermostatic Shower System with 4 Water Outlet Modes-SS2203
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    The main body of the shower is made of brass, the shower arm is stainless steel, and the sprayer components are also stainless steel. The handheld and top spray showers are made of ABS. Find out more in our guide to the different types of showers.

    The water temperature display is battery-free. It has a unique turbo system built into the shower's main body. As water flows through, the turbine rotates, generating electricity to power the temperature display.

    The main components of this shower system include a brass main body, stainless steel shower arm, stainless steel sprayer, ABS handheld, and top spray shower. It also features a temperature display powered by the built-in turbine system.

    The height of the showerhead in this system is customizable to suit your preferences. This allows for a personalized and comfortable shower experience.

    When selecting a shower system for a small bathroom, consider the compact design and functionality. This system, with its various sprayer outlet modes and temperature display, can be a great fit. Additionally, the LED light function, being battery-free, adds convenience without the need for external power sources. Exploring the complete shower system buying guide by the LEFTON.